Netflix Prompting

I watch Netflix, like most of the world. I love being able to just turn on the TV and watch pretty much any movie I want (provided it hasn’t come out in the past six months). What I also like about it is the incredibly detailed genres they suggest, based on what I’ve previously watched. Such as “Witty British Sitcoms” or “Feel-Good Tearjerkers from the Early 2000s”.

There’s a website (here) that generates Netflix genres, made-up or not, and I found it really interesting. You may or may not have gathered that I like to write. More than that, actually, I love to write. I’m in the middle of revising the first draft of my fourth novel right now, actually. And even if I don’t use them, I am obsessed with prompts.

I don’t use 99.876878% of the prompts I find online or elsewhere. I prefer to work from my own imaginations. But often, I do come up with ideas based on a prompt I might have read a month ago. And sometimes I’ll just write a really short story based on the prompt I saw five minutes ago.

So when I saw that website, I knew I had to take advantage of it. The “Based on a Book” or “Musical” parts I don’t bring into account, but other than that, it’s fun to see what story ideas I can come with using the (sometimes really restrictive) genres that are generated. And sometimes I don’t even write them. I just try picturing what Hollywood would do if they were given those constraints, and most of the time I laugh my ass off, because I could totally picture Hollywood trying some of those. And I’m sure they have, given the fact that they’re on Netflix.

I have a challenge for myself, then. At least once a week, I will write something, anything at all, based on one of those genres. It could be one page or fifteen pages or fifteen thousand words, but every week I will do something.

Even if you aren’t a creative writer, you could join me if you like. Use one of those prompts every week for your blog, or your journal, or even just to think about.