Valentine’s Day Ramblings

I opened  my reader this morning, only to find that it has been completely taken over by the Valentine’s Day bug. Not that I mind.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day like a lot of people do, but I don’t love it either. I’m kind of indifferent. I mean, I guess if I had a boyfriend I would be more into it ’cause I’d get some candy and chocolate and stuff, and I love candy and chocolate. But I don’t have a boyfriend. I never have, actually. Not even one of those fake ones in elementary or middle school. Nope.

My friends find it hard to believe that I don’t have a crush on anyone. Not a single boy. But it’s true, I don’t like anyone, not like that. I mean, why should I? I’ve been with the people in my class for my whole life, and let me tell you, the boys haven’t changed. Oh, sure, they’ve inserted a few (more than a few) curse words into their vocabulary, but deep down (okay, not very deep down), most are still the same little first graders I met on the first day of school.


So, since I don’t like anyone and haven’t really ever liked anyone (except in elementary school, but that doesn’t count), Valentine’s Day has never applied to me. I like walking down the aisle in Rite Aid or Walgreens that’s decorated with red and pink, but I only want the stuff on the shelves because they’re delicious. Is it bad that I don’t like anyone? I don’t think so.

Maybe it’s a delusion, but I keep thinking that my life will really start once I go to college. I want to go to one in a city, where I have the freedom to do whatever and go wherever I want. And I’m trying not to go to University of Maryland because that’s where everyone in my school wants to go. So I’ll be with new people. And new people = new relationships = new life. There are so many stories of people coming into their own in college, and I want to be one of those people.

Maybe that’s too much expectation to have for college. It probably is. But I figure, maybe Valentine’s Day will mean a little bit more to me once I’m there.


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